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Roti Maker

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Roti Maker is an electronic machine used for making rotis or chapattis.

Roti maker machine makes rolling chapattis easier than ever before.

This roti maker or chapatti maker has an electric tawa which makes it very convenient to make very soft and tasty chapattis.

This roti maker from Teleone will help you to make rolling chapattis easier than ever before.

It allows you to make perfectly circular chapattis without any effort.

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Best part of this roti makes is thart it has a non-stick surface that prevents the dough from sticking to it. It has been provided with a handle that makes it easy to press the plates together,and knobs that help you to lift up the top plate.


  1. Take dough and Place it on the upper edge of the lower base of the roti maker.
  2. Now close the lid and press the dough.
  3. Allow it to cook for 30 seconds and turn it to another sidev
  4. Now open it.
  5. You will see fluffy & perfectly circular chapattis ready to eat.


  1. Non Stick Surface that Prevents the dough from sticking to it
  2. Dough from sticking
  3. Consumes very less power
  4. Easy to Use & Clean
  5. Saves Efforts & Time
  6. It has an elegant stainless steel body
  7. Best Gift for Household Ladies