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Opal Gemstone

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The name "Opal" is derived from the Sanskrit Word "Upala" that means precious stone. Romans used the "ophtalmos" stone eyes,as a panacea against ocular diseases.

Opal is a rare gem with different shining properties in different colors like red, green, yellow, blue etc.

Opal is said to be the gem for those working globally,e.g. in the business of export-import, travel, tourism and navigation. Opal is the stone said to be powerful mean to gain extra sexual power.

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The people born in the month of October are recommended to wear an opal to gain love, affection, brotherhood, peace of mind and to attract others in terms of business and profession.

An opal gemstone has the power to affect two major chakras of our spiritual body, namely "Third-Eye Chakra" and "The Crown Chakra". An opal enhances the divine properties of these two chakras helping in its wearer to grow with more of spirituality. Astrologers are often found wearing an Opal as it enhances their power of future imagination.

In astrology,Venus represents beauty, charm,marriage, love, romance,dating ,progeny,acting, modeling, artistic skills. Opal stone is basically worn to appease the planet of love i.e venus. Opal is a final solution for all love and marriage related matters. Opal can also help you a lot in terms of career and health related issues.

No other gemstone can compare to the opal. Beauty of precious opal (or rock) has the depth and infinite variety of colors. A thorough study of precious opals reveals that they are composed of "spheres" or "grain".When an opal rotates in all directions,all the colors will change themselves. This is what is called the "play of color" and it is this property of changing colors that gives opals their special appeal.

The original opal gemstone is transparent or milky. When loaded iron oxide, its color can range from yellow to brown through orange. There are also black opals that are derived exclusively from lightning ridge in Australia. The main feature of opal is its wide variety of colors.

Certain varieties of opals are used in jewelry and are considered gemstones. When it has no color scheme is said to commune. When displayed color sets,opal becomes a noble or precious stone. However,the opal is not a gemstone but a fine stone. The opal is the glitzy and flamboyant colors of the rainbow sky. The brilliance of opal is not due to a dye incorporated but a luminous phenomenon. All opals are not only colorful but colorful opal is believed to be precious. It is rare and difficult to find. No other gemstone can compare to the opal. The finest and most brilliant black opal is more expensive than diamond.

The Opals of the highest quality are sold per carat. The stones reveal all the colors of the spectrum, or at least the four primary colors - red, blue,green and yellow are the most popular. Due to its beauty and power of enchanting colors,Opal has always been and remains a sure value of investment in the global market of precious stones.

Opal is a soft stone,although prone to breakage,was immensely popular throughout the ages. This gem is extracted through the U.S. West,Australia and West Africa.

A belief has persisted throughout modern history that the opal stone could bring bad luck to the wearer. However, the ancient greeks and romans attributed great powers to opal with the greeks to believe that this stone could give him the powers of clairvoyance and prophecy alike. In Asia and the Middle East, this stone was considered a gift from heaven.


Indian Name : Sagar raj
Wearing Day : Friday