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Onyx Gemstone

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The name of this Onyx stone seems to have come from the Greek word "Onux" which means fingernail.

Onyx can be black, gray, white, blue, brown, yellow and red. Onyx gemstone is the birthstone for the month of february,while it is the mystical stone for december and lucky for those under the sign of Leo.

This stone imparts strength,support in difficult circumstances or disorienting and during periods of physical and mental stress.

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It is said that Onyx gemstone has the ability to change the bad habits of a wearer. This gem is also used as an important tool to help increase the capacity or concentration of people distracted In India.

Gemstone Onyx is believed to have the power to calm the over-eagerness of love. It is also thought to help the wearer become very eloquent.

Original onyx gemstone is said to help the growth of hair, skin and nails. It is believed that onyx gemstone eliminates negative thinking & it assists in holding emotions and passions under control.

Onyx Gemstone strengthens the wearer's self confidence and sense of responsibility. It greatly contributes to sharpen the senses and also encourages a healthy ego self.

Onyx is effective in all Chakras and is used to treat heart, kidney and eye diseases. Onyx is also used for self protection,releasing the past attachments or to keep away from bothersome emotional entanglements.

For those who would like to own a gemstone,onyx is fairly inexpensive and therefore affordable. However, the onyx gives the holder the look of elegance and richness. Onyx is often combined with others such as beads ebony rich and elegant look-and-ivory.

Onyx is a chalcedony that occurs in bands of different colors. It is composed of relatively straight,parallel layers of different colors. When the dark layers are brown or brownish red,it is often called Sardonyx. Onyx is a form of agate with parallel banding. This structure lends itself to cameo making.

Onyx is said to help release negative emotions such as sadness and grief. It is also used to end unhappy partnerships and relationships. Onyx also guards the user against negative vibrations. Onyx jewellery is worn in order to defend against negativity. Black rhinestones have protective energies because black is known as the absence of light, and so it can be used to create the illusion of invisibility.

As with most gems, onyx does not like sudden temperature changes and contact with detergents which can cause damage. Onyx may chip or scratch easily, so it must be stored in a box lined with tissue,away from other jewellery.


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